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I have often thought about running my own business. Right now I couldnít be further from actually achieving it. I work in an office miles from where I live and travel to and from work on the train each day. What makes it worse is that I do a circuit class with a number of people who do work for themselves and they are always at class before me.

One evening after class I got to talking to a few of them about what they do. What I found out was both interesting and ultimately helped me to make a decision about my life and how I choose to make money. Below are brief descriptions of what each person does to earn money from home.

Susie is a freelance bookkeeper and spends her days working from her own office doing other peoples books for them. She has a limited number of clients although her hourly rate is pretty good but it is hard for her to make enough money and she rarely has enough for holidays.

John runs a website that sells other companies furniture using affiliate marketing. He has a website that reviews household furniture from coffee tables and television stands right through to chest of drawers and wardrobes. Each time a person clicks through to buy one of them they are actually buying from the merchant but John gets 6% of the sales value. His costs are quite high which cuts into his income.

Paul runs a small design studio in a converted garage round the corner from where he lives. Although he doesnít technically work from home it is as good as and the business is 100% his. He uses all sorts of graphic design software to help people with everything from websites to advertising. He is really good at it too.

Emma sells her own pottery collection through a lovely website. She makes a small profit but as you can imagine there are fairly large costs in both materials and time to make the items to sell. Fortunately for her she is the second income with her husband working in the city.

Having looked at what they all did I was kind of envious of being able to work for myself from my home but it seemed there was one massive draw back; none of them were particularly well off and they all spent a lot of time working to make ends meet. They couldnít holiday wherever they wanted and even a night out was limited. I didnít want to live like that.

That night I gave it some thought and did a little research and by morning my decision was made. I am not going to follow them into working from home full time; I am going to work part time from home as well as do my normal job. I hope in time to find a job more local so I can cut travel time and costs but for now I aim to make up extra money using Matched Betting using the Profit Accumulator forum

Matched betting has two massive advantages over what they do to earn a living. Firstly it is tax free meaning the government donít take a penny of what you make. This means you donít have to make quite so much as you get to keep the lot.

Secondly you can make a few hundred pounds a month spending no more than an hour a day. This combined with the tax free element makes it perfect. I get the security of a main job with the bonus of a second tax free income from home.

I will one day get a lower paid less stressful job locally so I can increase the time I spend at home and no on a train travelling to and from the office. It will be less money but less travelling costs as well.

Sometimes instead of looking at one thing or another we should take a step back, see what works and settle for the best of both worlds. That is what I did when I choose matched betting and I couldnít be happier.